The Bible


The first “scriptures” of the collection that make up The Bible were canonized in the fifth century B.C.E. Over time, more “scriptures” were added to The Bible and some removed. Following the advent of Jesus Christ, whom many “scriptures” cryptically reference, the “scriptures” of The Bible were divided into two categories referred to as “Old Testament” and “New Testament”. The division of the “scriptures” represents a paradigm shift in The Bible. The term “The Bible” was derived from a Greek term meaning “the books”.


The basis of belief for many religions and faiths depend on commonly referenced “scriptures”. Religions and faiths that refer to “scriptures” from The Bible consider the texts complete, though some maintain additional “scriptures” central to their religion or faith. Additional texts written after The Book of Revelation are not included here and the collection may be incomplete for specific beliefs. For followers of a religion or faith, the “scriptures” of The Bible represent the wisdom of a better way of life.


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